Using Club Facilities

MMCC has two kayaking venues
Murray River – Located at Noreuil Park
Parkland Lake (Jacks Shed) – Located on the Lincoln Causeway

Club Access

On becoming a club member you will receive a key and pin number to access the Noreuil Park clubhouse whilst the same key will assist you to access the gate and Jack’s shed at the Parklands Lake venue.

Download a copy of the Parkland Lake users timetable


Selecting the right club boat

The club provides two main types of boats for hire by members: touring kayaks (TK1 and TK2) and racing kayaks (K1 and K2). Touring kayaks are more stable and better suited to beginners and intermediate paddlers. TKs have a trailing rudder, while Ks usually have an underslung rudder.

All club boats are numbered and have “MMCC Club Boat number” written on the boat. Please do not confuse private boats with club boats; under no circumstances are private boats to be used without the permission of the boat owner.

Boats, which are out of service and need repair, should have a “do not use” tag affixed to the boat.


Using club boats on the Murray and Parkland Lake

  • Check in the club boat booking register that the boat you plan to use has not been booked out for a race for later that day (see below for instructions on booking a club boat for racing)
  • Remove it (carefully) from the storage rack and carry it outside and place it on the outside rack, check that the craft is in good working order eg – rudder is moving freely, fit of seat, foot board, tighten screws. Choose a paddle and a life jacket and place these in the kayak.
  • Fill in the details in club boat booking register: boat type, boat number, paddle number, your name and the time checked out.
  • Lock the clubhouse if you are the last to leave.
  • Enjoy your paddle!

Returning club boats

  • Place on the rack outside the clubhouse, wash inside and outside using the cloths and bucket provided. Dry the boat.
  • Return all equipment to its correct spot.
  • Note the time the boat was returned in the club boat booking register.
  • If you notice any damage to the boat, please record in the maintenance book and on the whiteboard.
  • Pay hire fee. Box located inside the door entry at both Noreuil Park and Parkland Lakes venues.

Booking boats for races

Club boats can be booked in advance for races with the permission of the boat manager. The boat number and paddle number should be entered in the club boat booking register along with your name for the particular race and you should contact the Boat Manager,


Paddles and PFDs (life jackets)

Club paddles are identified with the club name and number. Select a paddle appropriate to your height. Paddles should be returned to the same location when you have finished.

Under Victorian law, all paddlers should wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or life jacket whenever they are on the water. Exemption is made for group training sessions and some races. Club PFDs are available for members to use. Please return the PFD when you have finished and hang it on the racks in the cupboard to dry.



Changing facilities, showers and toilets are provided at both kayak venues.  Some lockers are provided for the use of members. Please see the boat manager.


Clubhouse security

Please ensure that you lock the clubhouse doors before leaving for your paddle. The doors should be locked. Don’t forget to take your key with you!

Clubhouse house keeping

Please respect the clubhouse and ensure that you clean up after your self and leave it in a tidy manner for all users. If a problem is identified that you cannot easily remedy yourself please alert the Club Secretary of the issue.

Booking club boats

Club boats can be booked in advance for non-Canoeing Victoria races and other events with the permission of the Boat Manager. Contact

Private boat rack storage

Subject to availability the boat manager will allocate a private boat rack at there discretion. If a member does not renew their membership they must remove their boat. Please see the boat allocation policy.