Paddling Groups

For those who are experienced or who are wanting to develop their beginner skills, MMCC has a variety of informal training groups, which can cater for all members from beginners through to advanced paddlers.


    socialSocial groups can be found leaving from the Noreuil Clubhouse on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 4.30 pm onwards as well as Saturday morning at 6.30 am.

    These groups paddle TK1s, TK2s and K1s. It’s a great opportunity to meet and paddle with other members of the club in a relaxed, friendly way.

    Specially organized social paddles occur around the year and are communicated to members via the MMCC facebook page.


    If a group paddle is a bit intimidating the club can always link you up with a like-minded member that will show you the ropes. Please contact Arthur Castley


    paddling-groupsIn the summer months a Monday 5.00pm TK2 paddle group can be found leaving the Noreiul clubhouse. This group comprises both experienced and inexperienced paddlers matched up together for a 1.5hr to 2hr paddle wandering the Murray and creek offshoots.

    This paddle is aimed to provide further skill training development and build longer endurance with the guidance of an experienced paddler.

    It is advised that paddlers joining this group have completed the beginner group training plus have a sound base fitness.


    Paddlers who are wanting to take their kayaking to the next level can find a more advanced formal group paddling onwards from 4.00pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Parklands Lake Venue.

    These paddlers can be found training for races like:

    • Marathon kayaking
    • Sprint kayaking
    • Adventure/multisport racing
    • Ocean racing

    Each winter when it’s just that little bit harder to get out of a warm bed and go paddling the MMCC holds an individual winter time trial series to help keep you motivated in the dreary winter months.

    Every second Sunday Winter ‘die hards’ can be found at 3.00pm paddling 3 timed laps (6km) around the parkland lake trying to improve upon their previous times.

    They warm up after with an afternoon tea and sometimes a bbq but always with a lot of playful banter.

    Paddlers of any level are encouraged and welcome to come and join in. It’s not how fast you go but if you beat your last time!


    humeweirpaddlingOver the glorious summer months you can find an ocean ski and kayak group that likes to experience the vastness of more open water.

    Meeting at Bowna Reserve at 6.00pm on Wednesdays they roam around the Hume weir.

    Click here for directions